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'Nina is amazing.  She uses head, heart and hands to heal, comfort, and bring release and relaxation.  She can give one of the few truly deep massages I've ever had; she is fearless!  But she is adaptable to whatever type of massage I'm in the mod for on a given day.  Nina puts her whole body and soul into every massage she gives.  I recommend her without reservation.'              - Ellen Miles


'From the moment I walked in to Nina's healing space, I felt calm, open and cared for.  Whether I was there for an injury or stress relief, Nina's deep knowledge of body healing helped my situation dramatically.  She has beautiful technique, a powerful touch, and a spirit that makes you want to keep coming back!'    - Melissa S.


'For 9 years Nina has worked magic for me.  I have long standing back and shoulder issues that have been vastly improved through her work.  In some cases working with 30 year old scar tissue and my range of motion has improved more than I could ever imagine.  My body responds to issues better now and when something does fire up it is less problematic and clears up much quicker than before I started seeing Nina.  I've seen many other therapists over the years and none come even close!'       - Ben S.


'Somatic Therapy helped me connect with parts of myself that I had lost or pushed away.  With the connection came deep healing.  Nina was a comforting and supportive guide along the way.  I felt accepted and loved in her presence.  A wonderful healing experience for anyone who wants to know themselves better.'   - Daniele M.


'When I visit Nina, I always know that I wil arrive to a warm welcome and then fall into a wonderful trance while she works her magic.  She is extremely skilled in her work and my sessions with her have greatly helped ease my back pain. I have visited several massage therapists over the years.  Nina's style and expertise place her at the top of my list.'                         - Elaine W.


'Nina is a highly skilled massage practitioner.  I trust her and recommend her often.  She is also a very skilled facilitator of Yoga Dance. Her music is super fun and her instructions are clear and delightful. She is one of the most creative people I know and she brings every ounce of that to her classes.  Nina is an asset to our community and I plan to participate in as many of her offerings as possible, even with living an hour away.  Book your next session with her now, you will not regret it!'   - Abbi Jaffe, age 31, embodiment activist and teacher with Dharma Door Retreat


'My yoga teacher referred me to Nina.  She said Nina was the person she went to when her body needed work.  I have had many massages in many states and other countries.  I have had chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, cranio-sacral work and acupuncture.  None of them affected me and my well-being like Nina's work does.  What I believe Nina is able to do with my body is get it to release from it's painful locked positions and then I can work on putting and keeping it in a more appropriate pain free position.  In the same way I love how my body feels after yoga, I love how my body feels after Nina has worked her magic.  On top of that, she is a delightful, warm, accepting, funny woman.  Go see her.  You will love how you feel.'       - Piper Rexford


'My spinal condition continues to improve.  Of all the therapies that have helped, weekly sessions of deep tissue massage with Nina had the most immediate and pronounced effect.  My chiropractor recommended that I go to her and I am glad I did!'       - Joan T. Smith


'Nina has helped me for many years using many different techniques.  Nina is incredibly talented and effective, able to approach issues from many perspectives simultaneously.  What I appreciate most is Nina's ability to hear without judgement or leading me on.  She has the utmost respect for my body and soul, their tender spots (in every way).  She approaches them with compassion and patience, and it is a miracle how those tender spots open up to her.'     -Sandy V.


'I first came to Nina at her open house where she was offering free chair massages.  At once I knew she was the right fit for me!  As a massage therapist myself, my needs are focused and I tend to be picky.  During our first 'real' session together she sat down with me and asked me about my life and my body.  I have found only a few therapists that ask me such questions as Nina's and she was mot pushy nor trying to gather too much information.  She has helped me realize that all things are connected on an emotional and physical level. Her touch is experienced and intuitive.  She listens to my explanations about difficult areas of my body and works through them with me. Her sensitivity to my body while still remaining deep and thorough is amazing.  All I can say is a big thank you!'       - Melissa M.


"Nina's approach allowed me to reach deep within to places not easily explored while feeling safe and taken care of so I could release pain I have carried in my body for decades.  Some people are healers by their nature.  Nina is one of them'        - Emily H.

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