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About Nina Shoenthal:

  I am a certified Massage Therapist , Somatic Expressive Therapist, facilitator of transformational women's empowerment, artist, mother, free spirit and lover of life.  I am deeply dedicated to living a life of compassion and light.  I offers massage in Montpelier, Vermont.

  I received my first professional training in Structural Integration on the luscious island of Kauai in 2001.  This was only the beginning of an ever evolving personal and professional life path that involves practicing, studying and sharing various forms of body-mind healing and movement arts.  After getting my initial certification I've taken a steady stream of related courses and workshops.  I currently have well over 1,500 hours of professional training in various disciplines.

  I carry the message that our body is our vehicle for transforming stress, pain and upset into peace, acceptance and freedom.  My wish is for people to feel their happiness, freedom, wholeness and connection to themselves and their world.

  If you are seeking transformation at your core you can seek me out as a traveling companion for your inner journey; freeing up places where you feel stuck both physically and emotionally, bringing love and understanding to your pain and helping you face and transform those issues you maybe holding inside. Massage can help change your relationship to yourself, others, and the world around you. The issues are in the tissues; lets free things up!

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