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Womens Empowerment and Sex Talk

Bringing people together in groups is something in which I truly delight!  I lead women's empowerment workshops as well as moderate a discussion group called Sex Talk.

 The women's work I do is focused on empowering women to deepen into their authentic nature as a feminine expression of divine energy.  What I offer is inspired by the work I have done with David Deida and his incredible women leaders.  The work is somatic based (body focused; being and experiencing rather than thinking and talking), resource enriching, presence deepening, and calls forth participants strengths and vulnerabilities in a safe and sacred container.  The unspoken invitation is for women to come alive in new ways, to unleash feelings and energies that may be trapped or hidden or forgotten.  This work is incredibly helpful, often life changing!  In my workshops we flow between nurturing intimate exercises and practices that push our edges and show us our strengths.  We dance, we do yoga,we laugh, we scream and roar, we cry, we collapse into bliss and the full sensual pleasure of being a juicy, radiant and alive being.  At the core it is about deepening our presence, dropping the masks we wear, and allowing ourselves to be transparent, vulnerable and real.  There is a lot of work to do to get there and it is so worth the journey!

Sex Talk is a monthly discussion group for women only that focuses on all aspects of sexuality. Sex Talk ranges from being an educational forum to a deep sharing circle.   We sit in a circle around an altar of candles and Goddess images (and chocolate :) to share our stories, talk about everything and anything related to sex and sexuality, sometimes we create art, sometimes we explore movement, ask questions, give and receive advice and much more.  This alone is so powerful; to have a place that is safe and sacred to speak our truth; a place to share things that we might not be able to anywhere else in our lives!  A space to learn from eachother and discover new perspectives!  Each month has a particular theme that we one is pressured to share and coming to just listen is fine.  The meetings are held at my office and are by donation. Some of the topics have been: body image, masturbation and toys, polyamory and relationship styles, orgasms, fantasy and role playing, pornography, relationships, books, movies, pleasure, erotica, sexual health, BDSM, you name it!

Here is a testimonial from a Sex Talk participant:

"Sex Talk- where else do I get to participate in a space where women of many different ages and experiences gather together to discuss a topic that is a huge part of most of our lives- we're either having great sex, not getting enough sex, don't feel excited about sex but want to, struggle with our relationship with sex and sexuality, or simply LOVE talking about sex... or we fall someplace familiar on that continuum.  Women coming together to talk about sex.  Doesn't get more safe and sacred than this time together!  Confidential, tender, mindset-moving, chocolate and candles and amazing women with great things to say."                                                - Elly Wood

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